My name is Aimee, and I am the artist behind BBVM Fiber Arts.

I’m a fiber and textile artist, and I specialize in hand-dyed and painted clothing, fabrics, yarns, and accessories. I employ both contemporary (low-water immersion, tie-dye, dip dyeing, etc.) and traditional (batik, shibori, etc.) methods of dyeing to create unique effects on a variety of fibers and fabrics.


How I got started:

After my daughter was born, I found myself frustrated by the lack of options for her clothing that weren’t either pink, pastel, or frilly. It was born out of this frustration that I began experimenting with hand-dyeing clothing for babies and toddlers in bright, bold colors and embellished with designs that were unlike those traditionally found on baby clothes.

At first I just made things for my daughter, but soon after began making them as gifts for friends and family who were expecting a new baby or had small children. From there I branched out a bit and started making clothing in adult sizes and styles as well.


At the urging of friends and with $500 starting capital from my father-in-law, in 2007 I turned my newfound hobby of dyeing and embellishing clothing and textiles into a small home-based business, selling my wares first in an online marketplace for handmade goods called Hyena Cart, and later in a storefront on Etsy and through my own standalone web site. In 2008 I expanded my offerings to include hand-dyed yarn and fibers.


BBVM Fiber Arts is proud to offer a line of  luxury yarns and fibers in a variety of wool blends, available to be custom dyed in over 40 colorways.

I have also participated as a vendor and/or auction donor in several events in the Memphis area showcasing local artists and handmade goods. I am a strong believer in supporting local artists, public schools, and my community in general.

  • Vollintine & Evergreen Art Walk, hosted by the Vollintine and Evergreen Community Association
  • Creative Collective Memphis Spring Market, hosted by Sew Memphis.
  • Grahamwood PTO Gala and silent auction.

In addition to helping support my family, my work is a creative outlet and truly a labor of love.

I believe that beautiful things make the world a better place, and by creating beautiful things, I am helping to make the world a better place.